4 Enlightening Truths About Life in 4 Minutes

#1: You can’t change other people

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Truth, why is it so hard to accept it? Why does knowing the truth hurts so much at times? What is truth? Is there such a thing as truth? As humans, we are obsessed with knowing the truth of everything. The truth of our beginning, the truth about God, the truth about life and death. It’s normal to dwell on these thoughts, since humanity began, these questions have probably been asked millions of times.

Even if our limitations do not allow us to see the whole truth about everything, some things in life seem to make more sense than others. Am I trying to establish a new dogma through these truths I’ve found to be extraordinarily true for myself? Of course not. What I’m doing is showing you truths I’ve found to be relevant to me. Accepting them has given me a sense of power, and now I’m trying to put this power in your hands to give you the same sense of freedom I’ve gained from accepting them.

1. You Can’t Change Other People

You cannot change people no matter how hard you try; accept it. Even if you have the best intentions, they cannot change a person that doesn’t want to be changed. I’s like trying to squeeze water out of a stone, it’s an impossible feat.

The same way goes the other way around. Other people can’t change you if you don’t want to change. Just like the only person who can change them is themselves, the only person who can change you is you. That’s the truth, that’s the reality.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your wife, your son or daughter, dad, mom, sister, brother, or best friend, if they want to change, they will do it because they want to do it themselves in the first place, not because you did it.

2. After Your Death, the World Will Go On Without You

The thing is, we will all die one day (truth #3). Death is more painful for the ones who suffered the loss than for the person who is gone. But even though you were loved, people still need to move on, go to work, live their lives. So don’t feel bad that people will go on without you, it’s how it’s supposed to be.

Think about all the people who have died already. Billions upon billions of people have turned into dust already. Has the world stopped for them? Not an inch. Accepting that the world will not stop for you either is the healthiest thing you can do.

3. We All Will Die Someday

We do not have unlimited days on this planet, it’s the truth. But this helps us to mediate how we want to use our life. It’s good to reflect on death every now and then. I do it, because it helps me reflect about what should take first place in my life.

We often forget we are not immortal, and we get lost in the labyrinths of our minds thinking about problems instead of choosing wisely what we are going to do with the time we have left.

There is an old Mexican saying that goes, “No problem lasts more than 100 years”. Most of us will probably not make it to the hundreds, and if we do, many of our problems that we have now will probably not matter by then.

4. Everything Is Not Under Control

It’s important to accept that life can be miserable at times, because only those who accept this fact can live more happily. It’s about being realistic. Accidents will happen, problems will come, you are not absent from misery if you are alive, but knowing this is a good thing.

Am I promoting a pessimistic mindset? No.

Accepting that not everything is under control will help you see your problems with a more balanced mindset. Instead of saying “why me”, you’ll say, “of course me, it’s life”.


Try to keep these truths in your mind as you go through your life because you never know when you are going to need them .Remember that accepting a new thought and letting go of an old one is a sign of maturity.

Here are the four truths about life you need to meditate on if you want to take your consciousness to the next level:

  1. You can’t change other people
  2. After your death, the world will move on without you
  3. We all will die someday
  4. Everything is not under control




Writing to teach and inspire | Open to do gigs | Contact me: copywriting.isaac@gmail.com

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Isaac Cardenas

Isaac Cardenas

Writing to teach and inspire | Open to do gigs | Contact me: copywriting.isaac@gmail.com

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