A (Powerful) Natural Remedy To Clear Your Acne

Acne affects up to 50 million Americans annually, which means you could be one of them.

A person doing a daily acne routine
Acne Routine

Have you ever wondered why isn’t your night cream working? Or why isn’t your skin clear after using benzoyl peroxide and Accutane all these years?

Although those are important questions, we need to start by asking the real ones, like:

Is my skin truly the problem? What if my acne is coming from another place? Should I care about what I eat? Is there a root cause of all of this? Could the problem possibly be inside of me?

If you are someone tired of buying expensive three-step treatments or exhausted from listening to your dermatologist say, “stop touching your face!”? Then perhaps this article will put you in the right direction.

Probiotics, The Holy Grail?

Probiotics pills scattered on a pink background

Did you know that humans are more bacteria than cells? Let that fact sink in for a second.

Among those bacteria, you have friendly ones called Probiotics that nourish and take care of you. One of the most common ways to get probiotics into your body is in pill form. But the best way to get them is by eating greens, smoothies, or fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, and kefir.

There are some indications that probiotics can provide a therapeutic advantage to those that suffer from anxiety and depression.

Regarding acne, a 2015 study stated, “Probiotics have been shown to directly inhibit P. acnes [pimples] through the production of antibacterial proteins.” Some companies have realized their positive effects on the skin and have exploited this by commercializing products that claim to cure acne through probiotic supplementation. While probiotic supplementation is beneficial in treating the problem, it is not the only action needed.

First, a healthy gut microbiome is needed to achieve this feat. How?

A colon cleanse is a fantastic way to commence this process. As an illustration, if you have done some gardening, you know the soil used influences plant growth. Likewise, our intestines need to be clean in-order-that we can plant the seeds (probiotics), and then we can reap their beneficial effect on us. The PH in our bodies will begin to stabilize once the detoxification process starts by kicking out all the impurities.

What’s the importance of having a regulated PH level in our stomach? Let’s dig in deeper.

Alkaline VS Acidic Diet

Alkaline Diet

An article published in 2018 states that having an alkaline intestine is “a new factor that is essential for maintaining proper gut homeostasis.

Scientists are continuing to understand how probiotics contribute to our well-being by regulating the growth of certain bacteria. They are seeing how they balance the PH in your stomach by maintaining a slightly more alkaline level. Pathogens and diseases will start bouncing off because you will be in optimal shape to ward them off. Compare them to if you had personal bodyguards. You’ll be protected the more you have.

Did you know?

“Autoimmune diseases appear to be passed in families not by DNA inheritance but by inheriting the family’s microbiome.” Read

Acidic Diet

A table going from 1 to 14. The closer to 1 is acidic. 7 is neutral. The closer to 14 is alkaline.
Closer to 1 is acidic, Neutral is at 7, and closer to 14 is Alkaline.

Contrarily, when our bodies are acidic, we are prone to getting sick more often. Eating large quantities of “junk” food instead of greens affects our gut flora. They make our alkaline levels lower. Foods like dairy, sugar, processed foods, and meats encourage the reproduction of harmful bacteria.

Another silent killer of your gut flora is antibiotics. They eliminate all the microorganisms that cross their paths, let them be good or bad. By frequently bombarding your gut flora with antibiotics, your autoimmune system debilitates, slowing down the response to threats.

Why is it important to know all of this?

It means you can alter the way your skin fights off bacteria through supplements and a healthy diet.

Instead of solely relying on topical creams, you can combine them with good habits to formulate a powerful weapon to fight from the outside and within. Being aware of what you eat is essential. Once you know what to avoid, you can make your body reach an alkaline state. Your goal here is to create an environment where bacteria can’t live. All the toxins that you’ve accumulated throughout the years will be expelled mainly through the lymphatic system. Hence, you’ll be less susceptible to bacteria that cause acne while improving your overall health.

Some people will only need a green smoothie in the mornings to clear their skin, but others will need a well-thought plan. If there existed a magic wand that made us have baby-soft skin overnight, trust me, I would tell you. Fortunately, we can arm ourselves with the knowledge to tackle the root problem.

The rule of thumb: Our skin is only a reflection of what we have inside (Better write that down somewhere).

If you are amongst the second group, don’t lose hope! Developing a healthier diet doesn’t mean you need to become a hardcore vegan. It just means that you are taking measures to eradicate the problem. Think of it as an investment to obtain better health. Hopefully, increasing your vegetable intake along with some good supplements is likely all you will need to clear your skin. Good health to you!




Writing to teach and inspire | Open to do gigs | Contact me: copywriting.isaac@gmail.com

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Isaac Cardenas

Isaac Cardenas

Writing to teach and inspire | Open to do gigs | Contact me: copywriting.isaac@gmail.com

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